MPTV Loader

MPTV is a revolutionary pan african multi platform television mobile and web application that allows users to watch video content on the go.
Savior authentic home grown african stories that seek to inspire pride and celebrate the African gene spectacularly presented in an organic fashion that resonates with banthu audiences.
For a minimal monthly fee, users can watch what they want, when they want thus making TV convenient.
The platform presents a unique opportunity for young and upcoming producers to showcase their productions on a potentially global platform.

Singing up is super easy, once you click on the desired content, you will be prompted to sign up with Google, you will then choose your email which will pop up automatically, then you click continue to give MPTV permission to use your Google details and bingo!

Yes, you will need to have data bundle in your phone to watch! MPTV has an awesome feature that gives you’re an option of choosing the video quality you would like to watch. Users are given tow options, the 480p that consumes less data or the 1080p that consumes slightly more data. Thus the amount of data consumption in your control!

Down is a few clicks, find the movie you would like to download, click the download symbol, choose the size of content you want and then check if you have enough space and bingo, you will be downloading to watch later. Be patient while you download is in progress and note that the download speed is dependent on your internet speed.

Once your download is complete, you will be able to find the downloaded in the MPTV app, at the bottom of your home screen you will spot the download button where all downloaded content is housed. Note that you can only watch the downloaded content in your app.

Want to know know what’s new? No worries, MPTV will send you in app push, email and sometimes sms to notify you on new content. You won’t miss a thing. Stay expected and always open your emails! In case your miss our notifications, you be able to notice new content on the sliding home screen banner.

Got specific content in mind that you want to watch? No worries, at the bottom of the home screen, you will easily spot the search symbol, once you click on it, you can tap the symbol on on the search page to type what you are looking for! Watch your spellings!

When life calls and you have got to go, worry not, we have got your covered. When you get back to the app, you easily pick from where you left at the bottom of the first chapter “continue watching”.

MPTV is a subscription based platform where millions of users pay a minimal monthly charge to watch premium content. We have lots of payment options for you to use, from card to mobile. Once you make payment successfully, you will get notified and services will resume immediately.

MPTV subscription runs month to month, a few days before your subscription runs out, you will be notified and prompted to make. When you opt for the debit mandate option, payment will automatically be deducted without warning.

The more users we have, the more content we add. At MPTV we are committed to spoiling our users to lots of content week in, week out, so stay connected and tell your friends and family to all sign up and together we can build a truly authentic pan African video platform.